Drewell Lab
Biology Department - Harvey Mudd College
Dr. Drewell's Office:
F.W. Olin Science Center, Room 2340
301 Platt Boulevard
Claremont, CA 91711

Office Phone:
(909) 607-2670

Lab Phone:
(909) 607-1793

(909) 607-7172

Email: drewell@g.hmc.edu

The Drewell laboratory is in the Biology Department at Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, California. We are located in the Olin Science Center on the HMC campus. Our lab applies experimental molecular genomic, mathematical and computational approaches to investigate the regulation of gene expression during embryonic development. Much of our work is focused on using insect model species, including the fruit fly and honey bee. This website contains descriptions of our research projects, links to our publications and an introduction to the lab members.

Read our most recent publications:
Decoding the cis-regulatory grammar behind enhancer architecture
J. M. Dresch and R. A. Drewell. 2012.
Introduction to Sequence and Genome Analysis I(iConcepts Press, book chapter) ISBN: 978014802541-4-5.
Kin conflict in insect societies: a new epigenetic perspective
R. A. Drewell, N. Lo, P. R. Oxley and B. P. Oldroyd. 2012.
Trends in Ecology and Evolution 27: 367-373.
Molecular dissection of cis-regulatory modules at the Drosophila bithorax complex reveals critical transcription factor signature motifs
M. O. Starr, M. C. W. Ho, E. J. M. Gunther, Y. K. Tu, A. S. Shur, S. E. Goetz, M. J. Borok, V. Kang and R. A. Drewell. 2011.
Developmental Biology 359: 290-302.